Goals: Peer Success Group

This group is about bringing people together in an environment that fosters relationship building, safety and trust. The group is simultaneously shaped as a group and individualized; everyone that participates in the group sets and works on goals and importantly, each member chooses and works on their own goal.

Defining the goal-setting support group
Goal setting is the first step. Each person either comes prepared with a goal or will be supported with developing a goal. (There are some restrictions)
Then as each week passes everyone will be encouraged to work on their goals.
During each meeting each person will get a turn to talk about their goal, the progress they made, any barriers they faced and any questions they might have.
The spotlight will go around the group, one person at a time. Each person will be allotted about 10 minutes to talk and get support with their goal. During that time the rest of the group will be entrusted and constricted to only providing support, sharing ideas, problem-solving, strategizing as it related to the goal in question for that one person.

The group meets weekly for 6 consecutive weeks. Groups meet in Windsor and in the county.
You must register. Please call 519-981-1329 or goals@biawe.com

There is no cost. Light refreshments are served.